Cell Wallets
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Goods and services provided by A Time To Stitch (IN, USA).
Sold by 2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA).
To order by CREDIT CARD - use the Buy Now link under each design.

Machine Format

Instructions: Choose your machine format first, then click on the purchase button.
In COMMENTS box: Be sure to include the design set name and your format & hoop size if yours isn't listed in the format drop down menu!
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All designs are on this page are copyrighted and may not be duplicated or changed.
You may, however, use these designs for personal use, gifts, or items for resale.
You may not include these designs or the graphics of the designs in any collection 
for sale or distribution.


NEW!!  Cell Wallets
 See & download PDF tutorial for cell wallets here: How-To  (Look under Purse Things!)
New technology creates opportunities for new innovative ideas!  Most people no longer use checkbooks but use debit & credit cards instead.
After extensive experimenting creating the patterns for the cell wallet & tab closure (plus lots of test sewing!) I created a wonderful cell wallet in 2 sizes!
When a purse isn't practical, these are perfect when you just want to take a few credit cards, money & your cell phone with you! Teens will love these!
Partially m
ade in the hoop!  First 2 steps - the credit card sleeves & zippered pocket are made using your sewing machine but I made it very easy!
The last 2 steps - the tab closure & outer wallet are both made in the hoop.  Then, everything is put together & finished in the hoop!  So simple to make!!

NOTE:  Small wallets are too large for PES 5x7 hoops, however they will fit the JEF 5x7 hoop (JEF 5x7 hoop will actually stitch designs up to 5.45" x 7.78")

Outside view of finished wallet!

Inside view of large wallet (using iPhone 5)

Small wallet - 3 credit card slots
Large wallet - 4 credit card slots

Extra pocket under c/cards for receipts & coupons!

Zippered pocket for loose change!

Extra pocket under zipper pocket for money!

Cell wallet comparison - 2 sizes:
SMALL (~ 5 1/8"H x 6 3/4"W open) fits all iPhones & most smaller cell phones
(SMALL formats - ART180/200/730, DST, JEF, PES(6x10), VIP, VP3)

LARGE (~6 1/8"H x 7 1/4"W open) fits iPhone 5 & most phones up to Samsung Galaxy S3
(LARGE formats - ART830, DST+, JEF+, PES(6x10), PES+, VIP+, VP3+) 

NOTE:  The small wallets will not fit PES 5x7 hoops, however they WILL fit JEF 5x7 hoops!
(JEF 5x7 hoop will actually stitch a design up to 5.45" x 7.78")

These are some wallets that I made while testing several pattern combinations!  I also tried
a few different tab methods but chose the turned tab with velcro because it was just so easy!


Cell Wallets - Set 1 
NOTE:  Small wallet designs are too big for PES 5x7 hoops but fit JEF 5x7 hoops fine! (JEF 5x7 hoop stitches designs up to 5.45" x 7.78")
Small & Large wallets sets sold separately - patterns for each size were created, tested & digitized independently.
PAYPAL link at top of page for PAYPAL users!
 Download PDF tutorial for cell wallets here: How-To  (Look under Purse Things!)

Design size:  5.40"W x 7.54"H
(Wallet size ~ 5 1/8" H x 6 3/4" W open flat)
Fits all iPhone models & most smaller cell phones
Use BUY NOW Button below:


Design size:  6.10"W x 7.66"H
(Wallet size ~6 1/8" H x 7 1/4" W open flat)
Fits new iPhone 5 & most phones up to the larger Samsung Galaxy S3
Use BUY NOW Button below:

Use BUY NOW Button below:

NOTE:  Please check your hoop size first!  All formats are listed in drop down menu, but doesn't mean the large wallets will fit your hoop!  Your hoop must be able to stitch a design up to 6.2"W x 7.78"H to make the larger wallets.  If you're not sure, contact sherrytitzer@insightbb.com & provide your machine model & largest hoop size to verify first.
(Click in images below for a larger view)

LG - 7,399 stitches
SM - 6,966 stitches

LG - 6,325 stitches
SM - 5,896 stitches

LG - 7,790 stitches
SM - 7,402 stitches

LG - 6,043 stitches
SM - 5,669 stitches

LG - 7,427 stitches
SM - 7,044 stitches

LG - 6,405 stitches
SM - 6,070 stitches


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