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Goods and services provided by A Time To Stitch (IN, USA).
Sold by Inc. (Ohio, USA).
To order by CREDIT CARD - use the Buy Now link under each design.
All orders processed within 24 hours.

Machine Format

Instructions: Choose your machine format first, then click on the purchase button.
In COMMENTS box: Be sure to include the name of the designs you ordered!
Or, go to my order form page, print & mail your order.
All designs are on this page are copyrighted and may not be duplicated or changed.
You may, however, use these designs for personal use, gifts, or items for resale.
You may not include these designs or the graphics of the designs in any collection 
for sale or distribution.

These are clock designs made specifically for the 8"-9" round clocks that have a 7"- 8" clear face.   You can purchase these at Wal-mart or any discount store and insert the design for a quick inexpensive gift or accessory for your home.

Clock size:
  ~ 6" x 6" 
Formats:  art, art 200
(for 185 & 200 Artista), dst, hus, jef, pes, vip
(Split files available for 5x7 hoops except where noted)
Note: Art 200, VIP & JEF formats have been slightly reduced in size to stitch in one hooping.
Download instructions: How-To

March 2, 2010  New offer!
The more clocks you buy the more $$ you save!
With this offer you must email 
and provide the exact name of the clocks you ordered.
Buy any 2 clocks for $16
($8.00 each) 

Buy any 3 clocks for $22.50
($7.50 each)

Buy any 4 clocks for $28
($7.00 each)

Buy any 5 clocks for $30
($6.00 each)  

(To buy just 1 clock at regular price click on "buy now" links under designs)
Deer Clock Frmd.jpg (58218 bytes)
Click on image above for a larger view of the Deer clock design set in a purchased round clock.
Bass Clock.jpg (115474 bytes)
Outdoors Bass Round  $10
15,242 stitches

BearClock.jpg (117257 bytes)
Outdoors Bear Round  $10
13,599 stitches

CabinClock.jpg (118341 bytes)
Outdoors Cabin Round  $10
13,368 stitches

2JetPicApplRnd.JPG (61582 bytes)
Jet Pic Round  $10
12,009 stitches
Buy Now
Strawberryrnd.jpg (80402 bytes)
Strawberry Round  $10
10,706 stitches
Buy Now
Deer Clock.jpg (113899 bytes)
Outdoors Deer Round
13,060 stitches

Kitchenangel.jpg (73765 bytes)
Kitchen Angel Round  $10
13,657 stitches
Buy Now
Swanround.jpg (68718 bytes)
Swan Round  $10
9,811 stitches
Buy Now
countryapplernd.jpg (82962 bytes)
Country Apple Round  $10
9,949 stitches
Buy Now
DaisyBasketRnd.jpg (118271 bytes)
Daisy Basket Round  $10

18,629 stitches
Buy Now
BouquetRnd.jpg (120318 bytes)
Bouquet Round  $10
10,517 stitches
Buy Now
Sunflwrbsketrnd.jpg (115825 bytes)
Sunflower Basket Round  $10
17,042 stitches
Buy Now
RedLadyRnd.jpg (114527 bytes)
Red Lady Round  $10
17,053 stitches
Buy Now
Noaharkrnd.jpg (68504 bytes)
Noah's Ark Round  $10  
10,878 stitches
Buy Now
Oldtimernd.jpg (74741 bytes)
Old Time Round  $10
Buy Now
11,417 stitches
Heartdaisyrnd.jpg (68544 bytes)
Heart Daisy Round  $10
11,731 stitches
Buy Now
Weddingrnd2.jpg (73293 bytes)
Wedding 2 Round  $10
11,801 stitches

Note: You add date/names
Buy Now

Welcomernd.jpg (36372 bytes)
Welcome Round  $10
13,111 stitches
Buy Now
babypicrnd.jpg (54405 bytes)
Baby Pic Round $12
Note: You add date/name
14,759 stitches
Buy Now
wedpicrnd.jpg (61580 bytes)
Wedding Pic Round  $12
Note: You add date/names
12,021 stitches
Buy Now
Twinrosernd.jpg (36145 bytes)
Twin Rose Round  $10
10,799 stitches
Buy Now

tutucuternd.jpg (65757 bytes)
Tu-Tu Cute Round  $12
16,975 stitches
Buy Now
See the matching 5x7 frames for the 
Tutu Cute, Wedding & Biker clocks on
the miscellaneous frames page

Matching Baby frame - Frame Set 2


bikerpicrnd.jpg (73896 bytes)
Biker Pic Round $12
14,559 stitches
Buy Now
QuilterRnd.jpg (77260 bytes)
Quilter Round $10
14,860 stitches

Buy Now
Heart Tree Rnd.jpg (30912 bytes)
Heart Tree Round $10
Matching design on Singles page
15,474 stitches
Buy Now
BeeHiveClock.jpg (57072 bytes)
Bee Hive Round $10
19,747 stitches
Buy Now
LaceyBearRnd1.jpg (59651 bytes)
Lacey Bear Rnd $10
14,311 stitches
Buy Now

Matching design on Singles page
CountryBearRnd.jpg (36715 bytes)
Country Bear Rnd $10
12,115 stitches
Buy Now

Matching design on Singles page
LaceyBearRnd.jpg (92792 bytes)
I used printed fabric for a different background and softer thread colors in the design.  Hope this inspires you to try something different!!
Teapot Round.jpg (79879 bytes)
Tea Time Round $10
20,982 stitches
Buy Now

Matching set on singles page!
RacingBlank.jpg (20227 bytes)
Blank racing clock included with Racing Round to add your own car designs!  
Matching set on Singles page!

RacingRndClk.jpg (56817 bytes)
Racing Round $10
15,043 stitches

Buy Now
FancyBHouseRnd.jpg (54888 bytes)
Fancy Birdhouse Round  $10
14,034 stitches
Buy Now
HangBHouse.jpg (46762 bytes)
Hanging Bird House Round  $10
10,701 stitches
Buy Now
SailboatRound.jpg (67536 bytes)
Sailboat Round $10
21,754 stitches
Buy Now

GolfClkRound.jpg (33855 bytes)
Golf Round $10

15,142 stitches
Buy Now
School Days Rnd.jpg (50873 bytes)
School Days Round $10
(Blackboard is appliqué)
15,433 stitches
Buy Now
HuntingRnd.jpg (55114 bytes)
Hunting Round $10
(Sky is appliqué)
19,288 stitches
Buy Now

Hen_Rooster.jpg (42256 bytes)
Hen/Rooster Round $10
15,488 stitches

Buy Now
Matching designs on Singles page!

Moon'nStarsRound.jpg (35307 bytes)
Moon' Stars Round $10

11,240 stitches
Buy Now

Matching design on Singles page!

ClowClockRnd.jpg (35709 bytes)
Cow Round $10

19,882 stitches
Buy Now

Matching design on Singles page!

BalletKittyRnd.jpg (53564 bytes)
Ballet Kitty Round $10
Note: The notes are now flipped & oriented correctly!
20,640 stitches
Buy Now

SportsBearRnd.jpg (53521 bytes)
Sports Bear Round $10
21,132 stitches
Buy Now

AnniversaryRnd.jpg (57375 bytes)
Anniversary Round $10
You add the date/names
14,719 stitches
Buy Now

SewingRnd.jpg (47417 bytes)
Sewing Round $10
17,308 stitches
Buy Now

SunflowerRound.jpg (66639 bytes)
Sunflower Round $10
25,129 stitches
Buy Now

KokoRound.jpg (61316 bytes)
Kokopelli Round $10
23,388 stitches
Buy Now

BHouseRound.jpg (56643 bytes)
Bird House Round $10
14,653 stitches

Buy Now

Bed&BathRound.jpg (65075 bytes)
Bed&Bath Round $10
24,841 stitches
Buy Now

AppleRound.jpg (41099 bytes)
Apple Round $10
18,401 stitches
Buy Now

Heart Round.jpg (51519 bytes)
Heart Round $10
13,557 stitches
Buy Now

BabyBoyRound.jpg (60681 bytes)
Baby Boy Round $10
17,245 stitches
Buy Now

BabyGirlRound.jpg (58723 bytes)
Baby Girl Round $10
19,021 stitches
Buy Now

Rose Round.jpg (60263 bytes)
Rose Round $10
22,433 stitches
Buy Now

Butterfly Round.jpg (51369 bytes)
Butterfly Round $10
22,007 stitches
Buy Now

Angel Round.jpg (56231 bytes)
Angel Round $10
22,302 stitches
Buy Now

Daisy Round.jpg (33969 bytes)
Daisy Round $10
21,346 stitchesBuy Now

BirdsnBudsRound.jpg (33776 bytes)
Birds 'n Buds Round $10
16,022 stitches
Buy Now

LaceyDoveRound.jpg (34318 bytes)
Lacey Dove Round $10
21,139 stitches
Buy Now

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