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See what my customers are saying about my designs!!

8/4/12  Hi Sherry. Personally, I think that you have not only great In The Hoop designs but the best directions out there to go with them. A special thank you for taking the time to do the wonderful PDF files.  For those of us that are visual the illustrated PDFs are a great tool.  Hugs, Donna
3/1/12  I am always happy to purchase one of your designs because they are great and your instructions are always right on the money.  Take care and keep those great designs coming... God Bless you.  Betty
2/29/12  I'd just like to say to anyone that has never tried any of Sherry's ITH towel holders, you are really missing out on a great value and some wonderful designs.  I have purchased several of these sets and have never been disappointed in the quality of Sherry's work.  They sew out flawlessly and are a lot of fun to make.  Thanks Sherry and keep up the great work!  We all love you and I just thought you'd  like to see some kudos's on Leap day!  Hugs and blessings,  Carolyn :-)
5/19/11 Thank you for the prompt order fulfillment for the Simple Elegancve Snap Purse Combo.  I am really impressed with the thorough documentation of all the different components. Don't know how you can keep so many very similar projects apart. I have ordered quite a few designs and I can hardly imagine how you keep improving  your merchandise -- but you do and I appreciate it.  I also appreciated your recent suggestions regarding the availability of pre-quilted fabrics. I feared I wouldn't ever get to make the purses that I already had designs for. Now I seem to have several sources available.   Sincerely,  Helga (Kennedy) 
2/4/11  I purchased some notepad holders and I have to say that I have never had such constant perfect stitch outs with any designs before.  The outlines are exactly where they should be.  I really appreciate your work.  Thanks,  Alice Gaylor
11/4/2010  Hi Sherry,  Wanted to tell you I was at Houston Quilt Festival today and saw Dawn of DesignbyDawn and Allene of Snow Lady Designs. They saw my snap top purse I made and immediately asked if it was your pattern and designs. You are very well known! Dawn said it just looked like something you would do.  Deb Stoehr
5/22/10  Sherry,  I have been making purses and totes for quite a few years to sell at craft shows.  I recently purchased the side pocket tote.  I made it up and took it to work.  Not only did someone purchase it immediately, I simply can't make them fast enough to keep in stock.  They sometimes sell before I make it to my office.  I have done them in both prints and plain colors.  It doesn't seem to matter.  They just love them.  I also add your tissue case and a small simple zipped pouch and have started adding the little clip to one of the side pockets for them to clip their keys to before they put them in the pocket.  They love that idea.  Thank you so much for your design.  I have never had so much success with my items before.  Ginny Hayes
3/24/10  I have bought two sets placemat & hotpad patterns from you but my embroidery machine has been away for repair.  I just started this afternoon with a square design hot pad (thought I'd try the easiest first) from the monogram range and although I haven't finished it yet, I just had to contact you so say what superb embroidery stitches you have digitized. The center panel of the hot pad is just beautiful and, of course, I cannot now wait for more time to finish the project. The finished sew out is superb.  I do have lots of the other designs from you but I had quite forgotten how professional your work is.  I shall be buying more and digging out all the others I've bought from you.  Just wanted to say thank you.  Kind regards, Audrey Chase
2/17/10  Hi Sherry,  Just wanted to tell you that I finished my first Heart Placemat Set and Coasters.  They are stunning. I love the technique, makes them so easy and perfect. GREAT JOB you did.
I will definitely be doing more. You're the best.  Thanks again, Marilyn Swartout
10/9/09  Sherry!  Your designs are impeccable.  I'm always amazed how beautifully they stitch out (even if I've made the same tissue case or gift card holder, etc. over & over!).  I've decided to make 2 sets of the Halloween door hangers for my 2 nieces for their families, instead of making 8 treat bags & goodies for my 8 grand-nieces & nephews.  Then the whole family can enjoy them.  And my sister will love the one with the cute black cat (I think I want that one, too!  Thanks for everything once again!  You rock!  Lita
7/3/09  I am so happy I am with your designs, your outstanding "how to" instructions and the way you always respond to any questions.  I've only been doing machine embroidery for five years, and the last year is actually when I've felt a little more confident.  Trying your designs was the best thing I could have done!  The first one's I tried were the "samples" and definitely needed more attention.  However, that makes you even more careful to read the great instructions a little closer and the designs come out beautifully.  I also like the fact that you provide a location or store on where to buy the "unusual" items that might be needed...that really makes shopping easier.  Thanks again for all your efforts to make us look so good.  Living on a pension makes me careful where I spend my dollars...and it's a pleasure to spend them on your great products.   Sharon B
2/28/09  Hi Sherry:  I just want you to know how totally awesome the Baby Shower favors are... I have been busy making the favors for a baby shower and they sew out beautifully and are so cute!! I also made one of the picture frames and will be making more for the parents so they can share photos with family members. I want to THANK YOU for this wonderful set and to tell you your timing was impeccable.  Just wanted everyone to know that this set is awesome!!  And even I, a novice had no problems.  Many THANKS!!!  Hugs,  Carrie
2/27/09  I would just like to comment on the Candle Wraps and Candle Mats. I purchased three sets. I finally had time to stitch them on my machine. I must say the they are wonderful! Thanks Sherry for your talent and hard work. She makes it possible for us to stitch such pretty things! I look forward to her new and creative ideas.   Kind regards, Renee M.
9/13/08  Hi Sherry, I have just finished making one of the Bible totes and boy did I have a problem.  Not your fault!  I am not a sewer and I struggled with simple things like cutting on the fold etc (hadn't a clue what that meant) and I had a friend help me with the corners of the bag and eventually I finished it myself.  It is beautiful and I want to thank you for the designs and all the hard work that goes into them.  looking on the bright side If a complete non-sewer like me can produce such a beautiful tote then anyone can.  I just keep looking at it!   I have bought your CD clock designs and I checked out that it was all made in the hoop but I will not be afraid to try another tote bag, In fact I am quite looking forward to it.  So, many thanks for all your hard work.  Irene McGinness
9/12/08  Hi Sherry,  I'm ordering the new CD clocks.  I think they are darling!  Your work is impeccable. I know that I can make whatever I buy from you, (with your help) and not have to worry about the quality, but I have to tell you that I LOVE the fact, that before I buy your designs, I can physically go and see how they are made. I don't know of another site that does that. I think they fear someone will copy or whatever, but you put it out there and I can't tell you how many times that has sealed the deal for me. I like to know what I'm getting before I buy and you make it so easy.  Just wanted to tell you that.   THANKS A TON! Sandy Taylor
9/6/08  When I open my yahoo mail each day A Time To Stitch is the first one I click on. I love Sherry's projects.  They stitch out so nicely and I have so many requests to make her items.  She is a great digitizer.  If I ever delete any groups it will not be hers. (Way to go, Sherry). Bev Lovan
9/2/08 Sherry,  I just made my first cell phone case, they are just terrific. I have 7 grandchildren with cell phone, I am starting today to make one for each of the grandkids. I think I am going to use old jeans and just put a monogram in the middle for the boys, but the girls I just just use your cute designs. The one I made just stitched up wonderful and your directions are so easy to follow.  Linda L.
8/16/08  I have been a member of the group for a while now, bought a few items but haven't had time to stitch them out.  Joined the group so I would know when new items were available and to be frank really haven't gone through everything that's already available.  I just stitched out your newer style cell phone pouch and want you & this group to know I have never, never been more pleased with anything I have done in the hoop before.  From beginning to end - no problems and the finished product that I made looks professional!   Thank you,  Patti - Des Moines
7/19/08  Sherry, couldn't wait to say how much I am enjoying your patterns and project instructions for the Bible totes.  My sister's birthday is this week and the Bible tote is the perfect gift.  She loves lighthouses, so when I saw your pattern, it was "gotta have it!" time.  Your instructions are so detailed and helpful, as I am pattern  Just wanted to say a great big THANKS! for all your wonderful work. A very satisfied customer, Janice
6/16/08  I just recently purchased Purse Totes 1 & 3. Everything worked out great!  Sherry your instructions & work detail are wonderful. I added pockets on both sides of the lining giving me more organization. I am just pleased with my new purse. Everyone at work wanted to know where I purchased my purse and were surprised that I had made it!  Thank you so much for your devotion & hard work creating your items.  Teresa/Florida
6/16/08  Sherry,  I recently purchased the coin purses Set 3 & Checkbooks Set 3. I am so very well pleased. They sew out so nicely & look so professional. That definitely is not Me. Our church is having a bazaar in August with a handmade booth. I am donating a lot of sewn items like this. Again thanks, Jo in TX
4/9/08  Sherry,  I saw your tote bag and cell phone holder at the Ann The Gran community Circle in Orlando, Florida last week.  I almost knocked the lady over to find out where she got the patterns.  She had done the roses monogram tote and the cell phone.  FYI,  we are from central Florida and she was from Maine.  Thanks for sharing your talent with us non-digitizers.  Clarice Merritt
3/25/08  Hi Sherry:  I just had to take a minute to compliment you on your designs and the wonderful easy to follow instructions you include.  They are so easy and pretty much fool proof to make.  I purchased the purse collection in the open rose monogram design, and made them for all my friends and family for Easter presents.  Every one just loved them and I was the hit of the Easter celebration this year.  Thank you so much for making me look like a "rock star."  Again, thank you so much for you wonderful designs.  You are one very talented lady!  Susie
3/9/08  Your work is beautiful, Sherry, and the instructions are SOOOOOO appreciated.  Very few people or companies have well written instructions anymore - even the major pattern  companies leave important steps out.  I have instructions from classes I have gone to from "famous" sewing people that have written books, etc, and I come home and look at their instructions, and some of them are so confusing and full of errors it is amazing.  So your instructions mean a lot to me, because I really need that step by step help, being a stroke victim with memory issues.   Sheryl Oravetz
3/9/08  I can't say enough good things about Sherry's designs. They are the very best out there.  Just follow her very very easy directions.  If you have any problems, Sherry will help you.  If you can read and follow instructions, you will be so happy you purchased her designs.  Once you have made a few of her projects you will want all she has.  Brenda in Indiana
12/31/07  I have not done the totes, but I have done a lot of Sherry's designs and I think her instructions are some of the best there are. They are easy to understand and follow. I really like having pictures to go with them....Her  designs always nice looking when finished. I would send anyone new looking for  great designs and wonderful directions to her site. I got some of my first  designs from her when I was really new at embroidery and in the hoop designs,  she made it very easy to get over the "wonder if I can do this"  feelings...  Jodi from Oregon
12/5/07  Sherry,  Please know I have made a lot of handbags and totes over the last few years and have accumulated a lot of patterns.  Not to be outdone, I saw yours and just had to try it. Amazing! Actually, I had forgotten what a wonderful, detailed digitizer you are. Your embroideries are second to none in style and elegance in how they sew out. Your pattern for the purse tote is easy to follow and turns out perfect the very first time.  Actually, I like the idea of not trying to complete everything in the hoop-- it expands your horizons.  Thank you again for a wonderful pattern.  I will make it many times I am sure. Have a blessed Christmas,  Patti Van Matre
12/2/06 Sherry, I purchased your Christmas gift card holders about a month ago and am just getting around to stitching them out.  I am brand new to machine embroidery (your design was only the second one I've tried....) and I just wanted you know how pleased I am with your designs.  They've come out wonderfully and your instructions couldn't have made the process any easier.  Thank you, Lori Thompson
11/16/07  Sherry,  After you told us that you were doing new totes I checked daily so I could purchase them. And then, there they were. I was soooo excited. These are great, as always.  The bible totes have been such a huge hit. I have orders for 7 more before Christmas. I am so sure that the new totes will be a huge hit also.  Your designs and ideas are wonderful and I just wait for emails about another design or project.  I can't praise you enough on your work and this is one satisfied customer who will always purchase from you. And, I've told other friends about your site so they can purchase with confidence.  You're the greatest!  Donna Gatlin
9/20/07  Sherry's designs are FABULOUS!!! I have purchased most and love love LOVE her in the hoop projects but best of all, are her instructions! I follow her picture instructions and have had NO problems! I am so anxious to see what she will come up with next! I have made several personalized memo cases for gifts and plan on making hot pads, seat belt covers, and notepad holders.  Sherry - I am probably your biggest fan and I will shout from the hills that you have the best in the hoops projects with instructions in all the land!  I mean every single word! Keep up the super fantastic work Sherry!!!   Mary
9/11/07  Dear Sherry,  I stitched out a bunch of your gift/money holders and they turned out awesome!!!  Well, once I got the knack.  I am also putting the final stitches on the hot mitt and it is coming out awesome.  They are all beautiful and I can't wait to stitch out the rest of what I have purchased from you.  Your designs are beautiful and you have very easy instructions to follow.  Besides being very nice answering all my dumb questions.  Thank-you so much.  You really need to quit your day job.  You are wasting your talents!!!!  Just my opinion!!  LOL  Diane S. Mathers
8/3/07  Sherry - I just have to say WOW!!!  I was just at the Indiana Embroidery Conference and I took my machine and stitched 3 of the memo cases! Wow! These were easy and came out beautifully! I added initials on each for the person they are going to (okay one is for me!) and they came out so well.  The thing I love best about your site and designs for in the hoop, is your instructions!  I print out the step by step picture instructions and I never have an issue.  Can you tell I am one satisfied customer? Well I am! I just wish I could afford everything on your site!  You keep coming up with new in the hoop, and I'll be back for more!
Thanks again!  Mary Ann
11/3/06  Hi Sherry,  I just wanted you to know, that after working for 2 hrs. on a design that was digitized by another digitizer, who did not make her directions clear, and whose color chart did not even follow the order in which she said it would,  I really appreciate your designs.  I have never had to re-do, figure them out, or have them stitch out wrong.  I was doing a small Christmas stocking and none of the designs lined up with the outline that she had stitched out first.  This is not the first time this has happened with her.  I am not complaining to you about her work.  Just appreciating the care that you put into yours.  Thanks again and please know the extra work you put into your designs is appreciated.  Take care. Karen Hammond
4/5/06  Hello Sherry,  I think it would be cheaper for me to send you on a cruise for about six months to a year!  I really love your designs and swear every time I send an order that I need to pass on the next offer.  Then you come up with something that I don't think I can live without and here I go again.  Thanks for all the excellent work that you do.  Your designs stitch out better than any none.   Norma
3/29/06  Sherry, I just had to drop you a note about your Outdoors picture frames. I stitched six of them. They are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your hard work and wonderful talent.  Diane Russell
11/4/05  Your designs are so well done....Its hard to explain but your designs are crisp in detail and turn out as good as you show them on-line. I just thought I would tell you that your last belt wraps are great?? What great designs for men... Now I have to get busy making towel trios and a bottle apron so maybe after my show I can afford to buy more of you things! Just had to tell you!!!   Juanita Longstreth
5/3/05  Sherry...I just wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate your designs and the quality of your digitizing.   I recently bought the Just For Boys applique set, and they stitch out perfectly and look so professional.  I'm hoping you decide to do more designs that I can use for my grandkids.  I've bought applique designs from several digitizers, and your are the best!!  Thanks, Chris Hulse
4/25/05  OK, Sherry...this has got to stop.  My children are shoeless, the baby has no milk; there is no food on the table, and yet, you continue to design these irresistible, darling, goof-proof designs that I cannot resist!   What fiendish plan do you have up your sleeve for me next, I ask?  Some heartbreakingly adorable concept, I'll bet!  It is dastardly of you, really!  
You say you "work full time."  I think you work full time at separating me from my money, lil' missy!  Get a real "day job," for goodness sake!  You don't have a day job!  A day job would leave you completely exhausted and unable to be creative.  A day job would deplete you of your talent and make it impossible for you to invent such darling designs!  Oh no, you can't fool me with this "I work a full-time job, and I have to fill your orders under cover of darkness" line;  I know better.  Un-huh.  Not buying it.  Stop this, I admonish you,  stop this!   I can't take it any more. VBggggggg!>   Susann Carlson,  a delighted, but very broke "fan."
2/11/05  You are AWESOME!!!!   The clocks, frames, towels, notepad holders...everything you do is wonderful!!!   The instructions you provide are perfect...  Thank you so much for doing this!!!!!!!! You really make me look good!!
 Thank you again,  Marie Carl 
1/23/05  Hi Sherry, I purchased your towel trios and was amazed at how easy and how beautiful they are.  I had never done a towel topper before nor had I done a appliqué, so I was a little nervous about doing this, but your instructions were a breeze and sewed out so quick and easy!!!!  I would recommend anyone who has never tried the towel toppers to try your version.  You don't have to cut the towel up, or tack it down, or sew it down.  It is just so much easier to do.  And the appliqué are just gorgeous!!!!!  Needless to say, I will be back for more designs!!!!!  Keep up your God given talents and we will all continue to enjoy your gifts!!!  Cathy K
1/10/05 Just a note to tell you how very much I enjoyed sewing your clocks designs for Christmas gifts.  I did 6 initially, (not the Christmas designs, but the round welcome clock),  and already planning to start some of the Christmas ones to use as gifts for friends and family this year so they will be able to enjoy using them next holiday season.  They were so easy to do and the instructions to assemble were great!  I didn't ruin not one!! HA!   Everyone thought they were absolutely beautiful and no one had ever seen a clock with embroidery.  I've even started getting some requests to make some for their friends and families which is great.  I'm a nurse but do quite a bit of embroidery for the public on the side.  Keep the ideas and great designs coming.  They are truly wonderful!!!!!   Sincerely, Rebecca (Becky) Ward

12/18/04 Just a note that I saw your bottle designs in the Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine. I tried the “free design” first just to see how they stitched out.  I was delighted!  So of course I ordered them. I was really slow that day and only got 7 towel hangers made.  I am so thrilled with the designs and they make such neat gifts. You are truly a creative person.   I will be telling everyone about your work.   Thanks, Patsy Ennis

4/26/04  I just want to tell you how  beautiful a job you did digitizing your Daisy shirt set. I knew from seeing your stitch out at the Indiana Embroidery Conference how good your digitizing skill was but watching the Daisy set stitch out last night was a real pleasure. Just like sewing out Elsa's designs!  I did the daisy set in a tone on tone look, on a shirt my daughter can wear for work!   Colette
1/9/04  I recently purchased some of your frames.  I've wanted some for quite a while, but there was always something else to do.  I used your new instructions about getting rid of the "pokeys" in the center where the picture is displayed.  Sherry, I've got to tell you, your frames are beautiful and your instructions make the project absolutely perfect!  Sue Alexander
9/23/03 Hi Sherry,  Just stitched out your baby frame--it is super!!  I did one last week and it was very well received.  Your digitizing is excellent!  The scallop around the opening is very even and the outlines on the birds and rattle are perfect.  I know nothing about digitizing, but when I stitch it out it is easy to tell you really know what you are doing!  Thank you for such quality designs--keep up the good work!  Sharon
9/16/03  Dear Ms. Titzer:  I have ordered a few of your clock designs. I just wanted to tell you that your work is exquisite. I have used a lot of designs I purchased on the internet, and the quality of your work far exceeds anything else I've tried. You are truly a master of your craft.  Bobbie from Virginia