Mini Wallet Key Fobs
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Goods and services provided by A Time To Stitch (IN, USA).
Sold by Inc. (Ohio, USA).
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All designs are on this page are copyrighted and may not be duplicated or changed.
You may, however, use these designs for personal use, gifts, or items for resale.
You may not include these designs or the graphics of the designs in any collection 
for sale or distribution.


New!  Mini-Wallet Key Fobs!  
Made in one just hooping with easy to follow instructions!!
Has someone (kids, family or friends) ever borrowed your car only to realize they didn't have your auto insurance card in case they needed it? Do you find yourself struggling to get to your prescription card or debit card out of your billfold all the time? Do you need a place to store your name & phone number in case you lose your keys to increase your chances of getting them back? Or a convenient place to store your dependent military ID?  Well...these mini wallet fobs are the answer!
(click on images for larger view)
Cfob with Rose Tote_sm.jpg (104147 bytes)
Fobs designed to 
match Purse Totes and 
other purse accessories!
Fixed Money-sm.jpg (45431 bytes)
2 pockets on the Inside!
Opened Rose flat-sm.jpg (66766 bytes)
Outside view (shown flat)
Rose fob in hand-sm.jpg (52238 bytes)
In the hand shot!


(10 Designs - 2 flap styles - 5X7 or larger hoops)
Size: 4.2"W x 2.5"H folded & snapped! (Design size: 4.5"W x 6.9"H)
Designed to match all of my Set 1 purse accessories!!
Designs 1 - Scalloped front flap, larger design on back, higher stitch count.
Designs 2  - Rounded front flap, smaller design on back, lower stitch count.
There are open areas to add a monogram or name to personalize!
(You must be able to add the lettering - lettering is not included in set) 
Click here for: HOW TO instructions  (Look under Purse Things!)
PAYPAL link at top of page for PAYPAL users!

Click on images for larger view!
ButterflyCFobALL.JPG (69377 bytes)
Butterfly Fob 1
8,070 stitches
CherubCFob ALL.JPG (91342 bytes)
Cherub Fob 1
8,943 stitches
DaisyCFob ALL.JPG (74232 bytes)
Daisy Fob 1
7,723 stitches
RoseCFob ALL.JPG (101471 bytes)
Rose Fob 1
8,647 stitches
SunflowerCFob ALL.JPG (75963 bytes)
Sunflower Fob 1
9,708 stitches
Butterflycoinfob2.JPG (92860 bytes)
Butterfly Fob 2
7,575 stitches
Cherubcoinfob2.JPG (90241 bytes)
Cherub Fob 2
7,586 stitches
Daisycoinfob2.JPG (87894 bytes)
Daisy Fob 2
7,381 stitches
Rosecoinfob2.JPG (93777 bytes)
Rose Fob 2
8,227 stitches
Sunflowercoinfob2.JPG (100666 bytes)
Sunflower Fob 2
6,806 stitches - 0rder your key chains here!

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