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Goods and services provided by A Time To Stitch (IN, USA).
Sold by Inc. (Ohio, USA).
To order by CREDIT CARD - use the Buy Now link.
All orders will be emailed within 24 hours.
Please note:  I still work full time weekdays.
Orders will be processed after 4:30 p.m. on week days.

Machine Format

Instructions: Choose your machine format first, then click on the purchase button.
IN COMMENTS: Be sure to include the name of the design(s) you ordered!
Or, go to my order form page, print & mail your order.
All designs are on this page are copyrighted and may not be duplicated or changed.
You may, however, use these designs for personal use, gifts, or items for resale.
You may not include these designs or the graphics of the designs in any collection 
for sale or distribution.


(20 designs)
Formats:  ART, DST, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP

PAYPAL link located at top of page for PAYPAL users!
Designed for baby shower decorations!  Just put Hershey kisses inside the baby bottle table 
decorations for the guests to munch on!  All designs are stitched in one hooping.  
Baby bottle table decorations:  3.35"W X 4.5"H
Baby picture frames:  5.0"W x 7.0"H
Baby bottle name tags: 3.2"W x 4.0"H
Download "HOW TO" instructions here: How-To

Aren't these the cutest baby designs?
Left:  Satin edge table decoration - higher stitch count, more finished look
Right: Felt table decoration - low stitch counts for fast construction!
(2 tags made in 1 hooping)
BabyBalloonsFelt1.jpg (38946 bytes)BabyBalloonsFelt2.jpg (28939 bytes)
Baby Balloons Decor - Felt 
9,269 stitches
BabyBalloons_satin1.JPG.jpg (32996 bytes)BabyBalloons_satin2.JPG (27337 bytes)
Baby Balloons Decor - Satin Edge
12,285 stitches
Tag - Baby Balloons.jpg (49870 bytes)
Baby Balloons Tag
8,678 stitches (for 2)
BabyBalloonsFrame_cut.jpg (83557 bytes)
Baby Balloons Frame
7,702 stitches
BabyFlowersFelt1.jpg (31887 bytes)BabyFlowersFelt2.jpg (29346 bytes)
Baby Flowers Decor - Felt
6,595 stitches
BabyFlowers_satin1.JPG (31135 bytes)BabyFlowers_satin2.JPG (27828 bytes)
Baby Flowers Decor - Satin Edge
9,543 stitches
Tag - Baby Flowers.jpg (51384 bytes)
Baby Flowers Tag
6,402 stitches (for 2)
BabyFlowersFrame_cut1.jpg (111585 bytes)
Baby Flowers Frame
7,043 stitches
BabyHeartsFelt1.jpg (36174 bytes)BabyHeartsFelt2.jpg (30338 bytes)
Baby Hearts Decor - Felt
6,816 stitches
BabyHearts_satin1.JPG (35059 bytes)BabyHearts_satin2.JPG (27830 bytes)
Baby Hearts Decor - Satin Edge
10,252 stitches
Tag - Baby Hearts.jpg (51402 bytes)
Baby Hearts Tag
4,949 stitches (for 2)
BabyHeartsFrame_cut1.jpg (66544 bytes)
Baby Hearts Frame
7,804 stitches
BoyRattleFelt1.jpg (33968 bytes)BoyRattleFelt2.jpg (30754 bytes)
Boy Rattle Decor - Felt
6,972 stitches
BoyRattle_satin1.JPG (31731 bytes)BoyRattle_satin2.JPG (27351 bytes)
Boy Rattle Decor - Satin Edge
10,271 stitches
Tag - Boy Rattle.jpg (51037 bytes)
Boy Rattle Tag
6,963 stitches (for 2)
BoyRattleFrame_cut2.jpg (93964 bytes)
Boy Rattle Frame
9,857 stitches
GirlRattleFelt1.jpg (31886 bytes)GirlRattleFelt2.jpg (29362 bytes)
Girl Rattle Decor - Felt
6, 831 stitches
GirlRattleSatin1.jpg (26662 bytes)GirlRattleSatin2.jpg (23419 bytes)
Girl Rattle Decor - Satin Edge
10,102 stitches
Tag - Girl Rattle.jpg (47361 bytes)
Girl Rattle Tag
6,730 stitches (for 2)
GirlRattleFrame_cut1.jpg (88735 bytes)
Girl Rattle Frame
9,574 stitches
Family "member" names included in set for name tags:  
Auntie, Great Auntie, Best Friend, Cousin, God Mother, Grandma, Great Grandma!
(Names are separate designs.  You must be able to insert the names on the tag designs before stitching!)


(16 designs)
Formats:  ART, DST, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP

PAYPAL link located at top of page for PAYPAL users!
This set was designed with very low stitch counts for quick and easy construction!  
They are sewn on Eazy Felt or Timtex to make construction a snap!
Lettering NOT included - you must be able to add the names & dates yourself!
These are perfect for wedding receptions and/or bridal showers as table decorations! The wedding card designs are blank in the center.  Just add the newlywed couple's name on the front and the wedding date on the back. Also use the wed card designs as table placement markers for the wedding party at the reception by placing their names on one side.  The wedding dresses, tuxedos and 5x7 frames are sewn completely in one hooping.  The Wedding cards are made in 2 steps. 
Wedding dress size ~ 3.75"W X 4.75"H
Tuxedo size ~ 3.0"W X 4.75"H
Wedding Card size ~ 3.75"W X 4.75"H
5x7 Heart Frame size ~ 5.0"W X 7.0"H
Download instructions: How-To

Aren't these the cutest wedding decorations ever?  Use for a wedding reception or shower!
All three wedding dresses in this set have matching tuxedos, wedding cards & picture frames.
Dress1F.jpg (40200 bytes)Dress1B.jpg (33373 bytes)
Wedding Dress 1 - 5, 683 stitches
Dress2F.jpg (43741 bytes)Dress2B.jpg (41555 bytes)
Wedding Dress 2 - 6,835 stitches
Dress3F.jpg (37295 bytes)Dress3B.jpg (36303 bytes)
Wedding Dress 3 - 5,100 stitches
Tux1F.jpg (34677 bytes)TuxBack.jpg (29893 bytes)
Tuxedo 1 - 3,943 stitches
Tux2F.jpg (35551 bytes)TuxBack.jpg (29893 bytes)
Tuxedo 2 - 3,599 stitches
Tux3F.jpg (34173 bytes)TuxBack.jpg (29893 bytes)
Tuxedo 3 - 3,720 stitches
wedcard1front.jpg (49996 bytes) wedcard1bk.jpg (44597 bytes)
Wedding Card 1 - 3,837 stitches
wedcard2.jpg (41988 bytes)
Wedding Card 2 - 2,948 stitches
wedcard3.jpg (43780 bytes)
Wedding Card 3 - 3,815 stitches
Frame1aborder.jpg (59105 bytes)
5x7 Wed Heart Frame 1 - 6,376 stitches
Frame2aborder.jpg (59871 bytes)
5x7 Wed Heart Frame 2 - 5,483 stitches
   Frame3andpic_sm.jpg (55530 bytes)
5x7 Wed Heart Frame 3 - 6,250 stitches
All Tuxedos have the same back design.   Wedding Card 1 shows newlywed names added to the front and the wedding date to the back.  Lettering for the names & date is not included with set.  You must be able to add your own lettering.  For added flair, add silk flowers to each side of the wedding cards!  The 5x7 frames are designed to fit in a purchased standard 5x7 photo frame.  Display the couple's engagement picture for the wedding  shower or receptions or to give as gifts for the newlyweds and their parents!


(16 designs)
Formats:  ART, DST, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP

PAYPAL link located at top of page for PAYPAL users!
Lettering NOT included - you must be able to add the names & dates yourself!
Only one satin dress, tuxedo, wedding card & picture frame are displayed to show how they look with fabric over eazy felt & finished with a nice satin stitched edge.   I didn't feel that it was necessary to display all 16 designs again since the basic designs are pretty much identical to the felt set above.  All of the satin edge designs in this set are sewn individually.  The fronts and back designs are not combined to be sewn in one hooping like the felt set.
Wedding dress size ~ 3.75"W X 4.75"H
Tuxedo size ~ 3.0"W X 4.75"H
Wedding Card size ~ 3.75"W X 4.75"H
5x7 Heart Frame size ~ 5.0"W X 7.0"H

Download instructions: How-To
SatinDress1Fs.jpg (40713 bytes)SatinDress1Bs.jpg (35762 bytes) SatinTux1Fs.jpg (36472 bytes)SatinTux1Bs.jpg (27421 bytes)
Wed Dress Satin 1
(Wed Dresses 2 & 3 included but not shown)
Stitch counts:
Dress 1 - Front  5,575,  Back  3,777
Dress 2 - Front  5,637,  Back  4,649
Dress 3 - Front  4,962,  Back  3,936
Tuxedo Satin 1
(Tuxedos 2 & 3 included but not shown)
Stitch counts:
Tuxedo 1 - Front  5,275,  Back  2,858
Tuxedo 2 - Front  4,976,  Back  2,858
Tuxedo 3 - Front  5,062,  Back  2,858
SatinCard1s.jpg (40553 bytes) SatinFrm1sborder.jpg (52844 bytes)
Wedding Card Satin 1
(Wed Cards 2 & 3 included but not shown)
Card 1 (each side) - 5,327 stitches
Card 2 (each side) - 4,378 stitches
Card 3 (each side) - 5,060 stitches
Wed Heart Frame 1 Satin
(Frames 2 & 3 included but not shown)
Frame 1 - 6,376 stitches
Frame 2 - 5,483 stitches
Frame 3 - 6,250 stitches 
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