Purse Things!
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Click on pictures below to view 
all of my Purse Accessories!
Debit Wallets
Brag Books
GiraffeBragBook.jpg (71721 bytes)
Business Card Holders
petmgram buscard5.JPG (42082 bytes)
3x5 Purse Memo Cases
RosebudMemoCase.jpg (61992 bytes)
4x6 Purse Memo Cases
NEW!! 4x6 Notebook Cases
Trudi SimplyElegant Memo Case.jpg (40399 bytes)
Clean Hands Pouches
CleanHands6.jpg (31738 bytes)
Checkbook/Calendar Covers
BirdhouseCkbk.jpg (95898 bytes)
Ckbk-Planner Window Inserts
Checkbook Cases
Cell Phone Pouches
RosePouch.jpg (43334 bytes)
NEW!! Cell Wallets
Coin Purses
GmaRosesCoinPurse.jpg (54513 bytes)
Cosmetic Cases
Credit Card Cases
ButterflyCCC.jpg (78478 bytes)
Eyeglass Cases
(traditional and snap top)
BasketHeartCase.jpg (63027 bytes)
Key Fobs
Compare Round.jpg (55485 bytes)
Coin Purse Key Fobs
Bright Spring Coin Fob.JPG (99763 bytes)
Mini Wallet Key Fobs
ButterflyCFobALL.JPG (69377 bytes)
Tissue Cases
TripleFlowerTissue.jpg (66239 bytes)
Shoulder Savers
Purse Combo Sets

Purse with matching accessories!
    Tote Bags/Purse Sets

NOTE:  All purse accessories designed to coordinate with Tote Bags/Purses